With thanks to my late aunt, Jean Abdee, whose legacy has helped make this possible.

Kit list for the End to End

To wear/have handy:
High-vis bike shirt
dhb waterproof jacket
Bike helmet
Bike shorts
Long sleeve top
Waterproof (SealSkinz) socks
MTB cycling shoes (easier to walk in than triathlon shoes).  I originally put on single-sided pedals and clipped in using shoe cleats, but wasn't happy with this setup, so have removed the cleats and replaced the pedals with the original Dawes pedals + toe clips.
Endura shoe covers
Muddy Fox sunglasses with yellow and dark swap-in lenses
Arm and leg warmers
Rainlegs - These provide waterproofing for the top of the legs, so you don't get as hot as with full waterproof trousers and there's no risk of catching them in the chain.
Bike stuff
Bike: Dawes Horizon (for full spec and picture click here (I'd like to add that I didn't pay the list price!)).   It's very good when riding uphill, with very low rolling resistance, and the Schwalbe tyres are just what I would have chosen - they have a good reputation for puncture resistance.

GPS: Garmin e-trex Legend HCx - I chose this instead of the bike specific one that Garmin does (the Edge) because it runs on AA batteries - I can't guarantee getting to a socket every day to plug in a charger.  I'm still learning how to use it but it does just fine.  I've got a bike mount for it which is very stable and it bleeps at me before I need to turn.  I think I'll need to change the batteries once a day if it's on all the time - it may not need to be - but batteries are heavy to carry so I plan to buy them as I go. 

Panniers: Dawes 22 L.  Surprisingly the cheapest option and very smart too, with their own waterproof covers. 

Frame bike bag.

Front handlebar bag - Avenir 8L - a bit on the large side but it's for light stuff that I want to have handy (snacks, camera, sunglasses etc), so it doesn't affect the handling.  I don't favour front panniers due to the effect on the steering.

Kryptonite bike lock (yes, it’s really called that).  Paranoia rules with bikes, and this is a good long lock which would take someone quite some time to try and cut through or pick.  The downside is that it is quite very heavy.  Used in conjunction with ...

Cheap bike cover.  It's showerproof but more importantly covers up the bike and its contents.  This may put my mind at rest when I have to leave the bike to buy food, etc.

Pump, puncture repair kit and spare inner tubes - after doing a bike maintenance course, I realised that there isn't much you can do to repair a bike in the field, other than fix punctures, unless you carry a huge weight in tools that may never be used. Plus I've never broken a spoke in my life, so if I break one on this trip, the safest thing would be to go to a professional and get them to sort it - so the best 'spare' may just be a credit card...

Adjustable spanner, multi bike tool (Allen keys and screwdrivers), electrician's tape and cable ties

Shimano oil and oil rag

Two water bottles

Road map as backup and for large-scale reference. (This is now going to be cut up into strip maps with details of campsites on, to save weight).

I did do some trials with a Carry Y trailer but decided against it in the end.  It's good to have the weight off the bike but at 8 kgs it's more weight to haul uphill and I just didn't feel happy with it. 

Camping stuff
Tent - a Blacks 2-man tent with porch.  Rather big inside for just me but I like the porch and it's still under 2kgs.
Sleeping bag
Air mat (Thermarest ).  The lightest mat that Thermarest makes and it's a decent length too, and warm.
Cooking stove (titanium), gas cannister and lighter.
Gelert 2 pan cooking set
Lightweight cutlery set
Plastic mug,
Large water container (1L collapsible container with tap - excellent!  Thanks Andy.)
Food bag - tea, coffee, sugar, porridge, snacks (chocolate, cereal bars, pepperami and mini cheeses) and condiments - a bag of mixed spices, herbs and salt. Actual food to be bought en route to save weight.

Personal stuff
Small Bible, notebook and pen and End to End record sheet

First aid kit – antihistamines, bite/sting relief,  inhaler, ibruprofen, muscle rub, elastic bandage, plasters, surgical tape, sun cream (wishful thinking at the moment), iodine tablets (to disinfect water if necessary), antiseptic gel and hand disinfectant.  Also small sewing kit to repair clothes / tent / baggage.
Reading material (luxury item!).  Something I don't care about saying goodbye to so that I can swap it further along the line.

Spare clothes – 1 pair each spare shorts, socks & shirt, underwear, fleece top, lightweight jacket, and very lightweight sandals for campsite. 

Midge net - for use when camping in the North of England and Scotland.

Small bottle of travel wash for clothing

Toilet bag – Shampoo & conditioner, moisturiser (Avon 'skin so soft' which is also a midge repellent), mini deodorant, toothpaste & toothbrush, comb, lipsalve, tissues, wet wipes and a lightweight camping towel.

Camera & spare batteries
Mobile phone
mp3 player
One mains/USB charger to fit all of the above
Spare lithium AA batteries