With thanks to my late aunt, Jean Abdee, whose legacy has helped make this possible.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Day 19: Thurso to John O'Groats

Finished. 23.65 miles, total distance 1224.1, max speed 27.5, av speed 10.3, time 2:16:27, total time 3 hours.
Left the hostel at 8:30 and found the road out of Thurso. Lots of the roads round here are dead straight and very long - often a mile or more.

Castletown was interesting. It was once a centre for making flagstones and there are a lot of ruined buildings to look at, as well as a fantastic beach ( the surf today was incredible; the sea was nearly all white).

The wind was still very gusty and about half way I saw a rainbow. I was beginning to dislike seeing rainbows, as it means that if it isn't raining yet it soon will be - and so it proved.
Fortunately I'd decided to follow the official bike route instead of my planned coastal route, which I think helped to keep me out of the worst of the wind. My planned visit to Dunnet Head was off - it was far too cold and far too windy to even consider it. All I wanted was the nice snug cafe at JOG!
Had a bit of bad news which put a damper on celebrations - Andy drove up yesterday but today the car broke down in Inverness. So what with waiting for the AA and a hire car, he wasn't able to be here to see me finish, and that's why you have yet another picture of the bike. As soon as he arrives, I'll get the official pictures and post one of me at the signpost.
Funny how I was so worried that I couldn't do it ( no aches or pains to speak of) that the bike would break down ( nothing other than a few loose nuts and bolts and not a single puncture) and in the end it was the car that failed...
Thank you for reading, for your prayers, comments and general encouragement. I hope to edit and improve the blog and add lots more pictures, but otherwise - that's all folks!
Love - Ruth.


  1. Well done Ruth! I can't even make it to work without a puncture... Hauke

  2. wonderful!! well done Ruth, a huge cheer from all at work - Chris

  3. What a fantastic achievement! Congratulations.

  4. Fantastic achievement Ruth - we are all in awe here at the Northamptonshire Community Foundation for all your efforts. Well done and thank you.
    Victoria Miles.

  5. WoooHoo!!

    Knew you could do it!

    Very well done indeed!

    Now - just for a while - relax?? Please!!

    Judy xxx

  6. Congratulation followed your efforts, been an inspiration

  7. well done ruth give yourself a pat on the back you looked great at xhurch today